where can i get one of these ?:D

i hate guys!

why does everyone have to like me?

why does EVERYONE want to date me?

why does Everyone Always want to be with me?

can’t i just have friends?

why do we have to be more then that?

it ruin’s everything. and it tears our friendship apart!


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Yesterday, there was a kid near Adventureland who was about 4 years old or so. he was a wearing a princess crown, had a princess wand, the autograph book was princesses, etc. and there was a grown man teasing him about “being gay”. A grown man.

Peter Pan likes to hang around the Adventureland bridge and he happened upon that scene. Not liking what he saw, especially from a grown up, he spoke up:

“Excuse me, sir, but I’m about to give you some advice I never tell anyone: grow up.

(Source: althelamp)

Can you tell me what it is like


To always be happy not to get random mood swings of unhappiness. Not to be scared. To be able to trust anyone. To not want to take a blade to my own skin because I can’t take it anymore. To have friends & go out all the time. Not to be socially awkward. To be smart. To be pretty. Can you please tell me what it is like to not have scars on your body? To able to where anything you want and not be to scared that your scars are going to slip out. What is it like? Is it fun?


Ya know, I’m really not ashamed of my scars. Yeah, sure, maybe when people see them I get a bit insecure, but they’re apart of me and I’m proud of me. I just have battle scars and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure maybe I was weak at one point, but the fact that  have my scars shows that things can and DO get better. So yeah, it may make me insecure, but they’re apart of me and can’t be anything else but proud, because tough shit, this is me, take it or leave it.